Selling Your Fairfax County Business

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The process of selling your Fairfax County business can be complex. There are lots of moving parts and various things to consider. That’s why it makes sense to hire an expert to walk you through each step of the way, guide you along the difficult parts and create a smooth path.

Your expert broker can help you market your business property to reach the best target of potential buyers.

While your own experience and vision of the business you’ve built may be one thing, your agent can help you expand that vision to encompass ideas you haven’t thought of that will bring in investors or purchasers in Fairfax County.

And, our expertise can help you valuate and price the business for maximum reach. That’s why it’s best not to go it alone when selling your business. In fact, whether you have a large business (more than 50 employees) or a small business (fewer than 50 workers), the complexities are similar. So having help navigating the planning, processes, and preparations is important.

We Can Help You

Start here with our Selling Tutorial. You can research on your own, but making us a part of your team of advisors will improve the odds of you making a great sale.

We can guide you through the questions and topics most common to business sellers. And, if you have questions that we haven’t covered about selling your Fairfax County business, we are right here to answer those questions too.

Now, begin gathering your information. We need information from you to valuate your business. And there are Federal, State and Fairfax County laws and taxes to consider. We’ll walk you through this process so that you are not surprised by tax implications, or unexpected costs of selling.

Selling to Buy

Perhaps you are selling a business because you intend to buy another. We can help with that too. In fact, here are some Fairfax County businesses that are currently available. Check them out:

When you need to buy or sell a business or lease commercial space

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